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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Tactics For Properly Maintained Fort Smith Roofs

Roof washing

Fort Smith homeowners know how important it is to schedule a regular roof cleaning service to prevent their roofs from deteriorating.

Your roof transforms into a petri dish for growths such as algae, mildew, and mold as spring delivers the rain and summer provides the heat. Using a specific pressure washing technique called soft washing, we at Hayes Power Washing LLC combat these growths on your roof with efficiency. When washing a roof, it's important to apply a light but effective touch because tiles and shingles are more fragile than, for example, concrete.

These organic growths can be eliminated and kept from returning anytime soon by using a certain combination of chemicals, soaps, and psi levels. Pressure washing for Fort Smith roofs is easy as pie with our specialists on the project.

Soft Washing Specialists - Ready To Help

Roofs require a specific type of cleaning method, and our specialists are prepared to handle it. We employ soft washing on these roofs, a low-pressure rinse that effectively cleans without harming the fragile shingles and tiles. Soft washing can be compared to a slightly stronger force than that produced by a garden hose, ensuring that roofing granules are not injured in the process. In order to effectively remove stains, growths, mildew, and algae, we usually use chemicals like bleach or algaecides.

To get all of your roof cleaning handled in a one-stop shop, ask about our gutter brightening service to knock out two birds with one stone.

What Happens If I Don't Clean My Roof?

Maintaining a healthy, clean roof is critical because it is one of a home's most important structural elements. That considered, the last thing you want to do to accomplish this is to climb up onto your roof with a scrub brush. The better course of action is to arrange for a roof cleaning service from Hayes Power Washing LLC. We work quickly and safely, and the result will always meet your expectations.

Our roof soft washing treatment will eliminate existing organic growths and stop new ones from rapidly harming your roof in the future. If these growths are allowed to spread, they can weaken or lift our roof tiles and shingles, leading to damage and allowing water to get under and cause rot in the wood. These growths consist of algae, mold, moss, and lichens.

To mitigate this risk on your Fort Smith roof, schedule a roof cleaning service with us today by calling us at 479-430-0844.

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